After you place an order, one of our team member will manually verify each order before we charge your checking account. Once the order is charged, it takes 3-5 business day to process and handle your order. Delivery time could be as long as 10-15 days. We will let you know via email after we process your order.

How To Track Your Package

We get hundreds of emails every day from our customers regarding their tracking numbers and delivery date. We would like to provide this resource to help you understand our shipping process so you can be well informed and worry less about where your package is at.

On top of that, we GUARANTEE 100% that you will receive your package. Even if it gets lost in U.S Customs or by the United States Postal Service (USPS). We’ll resend the package once we verified it has been lost.

Ok. We created the infographic below to show you the complete journey that your package goes through once we send over the tracking number.

The Journey Your Package Goes Through Before It Delivers

You can see it LIVE on the USPS Tracking system here ==>